CMeNow - The New Personal Networking Standard is the internet organized. It’s also a handshake, an introduction, and the world’s first video-based interdisciplinary search engine and collaborative network… and it’s absolutely free.

More precisely, CMeNow is an integrated social and business network with a powerful database and search engine that allows individuals to find meaningful information without sourcing thousands of pages — or three or four networks — to accomplish the same goal. Most networks today are intended to maintain contact with people you already know. CMeNow is intended to introduce you to people you want and need to know.

“The beauty of CMeNow is that instead of getting 12 million hits in half a second, you get 12 hits that give you exactly what you’re looking for.” — José Teruel, CFO

Who uses CMeNow?
“People are going to visit CMeNow for a portfolio of reasons. An individual may have an entrepreneurial idea: millions of us do every day, and we think, ‘If I knew the right people to take this to and collaborate with, I might actually be able to make a product here.’” — Ric Davalos, CEO & founder

“Everybody has something to say. Everybody has a voice. Everybody has a song to sing, an idea to put forth, a creation to share, or a collaboration that needs a partner. All of these can be found at CMeNow.” — David Houle, chief strategist/futurist

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